Fast shipping is growth company Lifeturn’s trump card

Lifeturn, an online store selling fitness equipment and well-being products, was able to fulfill its promise of fast deliveries thanks to Verkkologistiikka. Said fast deliveries have in part enabled the company’s rapid growth.

Lifeturn’s founding men Rauli Raisamo and Joni Leppänen know that fulfilling one’s promise to customers is vital for the success of online stores.

– We consider it important to be able to promise same-day delivery if the order is placed early enough. We have kept this promise and earned praise for it from customers – even though the credit really goes to Verkkologistiikka’s quick shipping services, says Raisamo.

Shipping stayed up to speed with growth

Lifeturn is in an upward draft: its sales quintupled in just one year. One of the reasons behind this growth was the sudden popularity of home workouts during lockdown.

– Our growth is based on focusing heavily on new products and marketing. The growth was partly enabled by outsourcing logistics to Verkkologistiikka, since serving our customers requires deliveries to be handled by a reliable partner, says Leppänen.

According to the entrepreneur duo, Verkkologistiikka has succeeded well in keeping up with Lifeturn’s growth. Leppänen and Raisamo also give credit to how the service has been adjusted and developed as needed along the way.

– Verkkologistiikka has been able to keep its promise of fast deliveries all the way through, and our customers have been happy. Verkkologistiikka has overcome all challenges by adjusting the picking and shipping process.

Smooth cooperation is the key

Leppänen and Raisamo outsourced their e-commerce logistics right from the start. The two were relieved to find the right partner right off the bat.

– We got a good offer and products are delivered quickly. The service has been fluent right from the start, and Verkkologistiikka’s Kalle and Petteri left a good impression. They’re an easy recommendation to other online stores, as we’ve been happy with this cooperation.

Verkkologistiikka’s goal is in fact to hold onto clients that decide to work with us.

– Our clients stick with us for years on end, which we are of course grateful and proud of. It says a lot about how smooth cooperation with us is, says Verkkologistiikka’s Managing Director Petteri Kuusisto.


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