How logistics cooperation with us gets underway

When outsourcing logistics or switching logistics partners, you will surely appreciate a smooth start to the cooperation – and so do we! This is how we do things.

Our Sales Manager Kalle Thessler knows that the first steps towards logistics cooperation is important for both parties.

– We at Verkkologistiikka believe in love at first sight, and thus want to convince customers of the profitability of partnership right from the start. This way our customer will feel confident and positive. We also get to shine in our field of expertise.

Verkkologistiikka’s pricing does not contain separate starting costs. This is to lower the bar for launching cooperation. Before deciding to work together, customers are welcome to have a look at Verkkologistiikka’s warehouse, operating culture and personnel.

Our customers have praised us for how easy it was to start working together. For example, the Finnish company Mysoda, which makes carbonation equipment out of biocomposite, was quickly convinced that Verkkologistiikka would be the perfect partner.

– Early on we talked with a few other service providers, but quickly realized that Verkkologistiikka is an agile and cost-efficient partner, with whom the warehouse can work quickly and without an overblown project phase, summarizes Jussi Aura of Mysoda.

Cooperation begins by organizing the transfer

After the client has accepted our offer, cooperation begins by organizing the moving-in day. Moving is usually organized for weekends to prevent disruptions to the client’s deliveries. After agreeing on the moving day, we go through the practical considerations.

– We talk to clients about general operating procedures: how they wish their shipments to be packed, whether the packages need to be personalized or plastic-free, other considerations regarding their trade and products, and whether there’s anything we should know about the picking or packing process, says Thessler.

After the client’s needs and requirements of shippable products are specified, the client is instructed on preparing their products for the move.

– We provide clear instructions on packing and marking the load, and provide help if needed. After this we arrange the move by truck using our transport agreements. Before the load arrives, we confirm e-commerce settings to allow us begin picking and collecting on our end smoothly.

According to Thessler, it is important to make the client’s move into Verkkologistiikka’s warehouses as easy and effortless as possible.

– We don’t want the client to even notice the move – except through faster and more efficient deliveries, of course.

We’re with the client all the way through

According to Mysoda employees, starting the cooperation with Verkkologistiikka went smoothly.

– The process went by swiftly and our contact person was always within reach. There was plenty to account for, since we didn’t have any prior experience with operating an online store or warehousing and logistics, says Aura.

Aura in fact believes that the support Verkkologistiikka offered was supremely important early in the cooperation. It instilled trust in Mysoda’s team that they had left their logistics in capable hands.

– The items in our product category have slightly rarer details regarding warehousing and logistics. Kalle explained the more complicated things excellently and was active in answering our questions. The early support was excellent and as a client we felt that the service provider really wanted to make things work. Verkkologistiikka’s team also learned quickly and developed their operations to suit Mysoda’s needs, concludes Aura.

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