Logistics services for e-commerce made Tokoi eCommerce into a million-dollar business

Thanks to WebLog Finland, we can fully focus on the customer experience. Freed up resources have been put into customer service, sales and product development, with good success. WebLog has indeed enabled our growth and is easily our most important cooperation partner.

– Vladimir Tokoi, Tokoi eCommerce Oy

Vladimir Tokoi, founder of Tokoi eCommerce, turned to us soon after setting up his first online store Tokoitech in 2014. Logistics services for e-commerce have helped this one-person side business to quickly grow into a million-dollar enterprise.

Tokoitech sells spare parts and DIY repair kits for mobile phones. This alternative for expensive repair shops was the first of its kind when it was founded and saw success quickly. “Spare parts for phones don’t take up that much space, but my own closet still started to feel small pretty quickly. Outsourcing logistics was a necessary step“, says Tokoi.

“I started looking at how e-commerce logistics could be handed over to professionals. I asked for tips from a young entrepreneurs’ group and one colleague recommended Verkkologistiikka to me. I gave them a call and the rest is history.”

By outsourcing logistics, the company now has more time to focus on boosting sales. Later, Tokoi bought a second company to go alongside Tokoitech, called Suojakalvotukku. Suojakalvotukku is a straightforward shop for mobile phone accessories. Tokoi himself describes his two online stores thusly: “Tokoitech helps you when your phone needs fixing. Suojakalvotukku prevents you phone from breaking in the first place.”

Flexible e-commerce logistics

Our goal is to offer e-commerce logistics services that are flexible and tailored to the client’s needs. Vladimir Tokoi, owner of Tokoitech and Suojakalvotukku, in fact gives special praise to Verkkologistiikka’s flexiblity.

“Things are made really easy on my end. I make a purchase and enter Verkkologistiikka’s warehouse as the delivery address. They unpack and shelf everything. When a customer makes an order, we have an agreement with Verkkologistiikka to ship orders made before 3 PM during the same day. The service also includes receiving and registering returns.”

“We receive plenty of questions about products and sometimes requests for product photos. Verkkologistiikka’s warehouse employees are always within reach through WhatsApp. We message them and they usually respond with pictures within fifteen minutes. Where else could you get warehousing services like this?”

Outsourcing logistics enabled rapid growth

Cooperation between Verkkologistiikka and Tokoi eCommerce has been fruitful for both parties. Thanks to our customers’ success, order volumes go up and we can make even better deals with transport companies. Outsourcing logistics has been one of the key factors for Tokoitech and Suojakalvotukku as well.

“During our cooperation, our company has rocketed from a turnover of 50 thousand to 1.5 million. At the same time, Verkkologistiikka has grown its business. Along the way, both of us have learned many new things. Verkkologistiikka is one of my most important suppliers and a reliable partner”

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