Outsourcing logistics enabled Everyday Design’s rapid growth

For Everyday Design, the decision to outsource logistics was an easy one as the time spent on packing started to hinder growth. Everyday Design’s shipment numbers quadrupled during the first two quarters of our cooperation.

Everyday Design is a family company run by a mother and a daughter, founded by the mother Helena Mattila back in 1995. In summer of 2019, her daughter Saara Sorri returned to the company as a full-time employee and started focusing on their e-commerce marketing. The work quickly paid off, and in spring of 2020 Sorri noticed she was spending much of her working hours packaging shipments.

– With growing order volumes, I became preoccupied with packaging products. I actually became to fear of sales and marketing because I knew it meant more packaging. That’s obviously not a good look for a growth company’s marketing manager, says Sorri with a laugh.

She then decided to find out what it would cost to outsource logistics and which company would be the best partner for them.

– I sent out five invitations for bids and Kalle from Verkkologistiikka was the first to get back to me. We talked on the phone for an hour and I immediately got the feeling that Verkkologistiikka would be a good choice, says Sorri.

However, Sorri did not choose Verkkologistiikka without any research.

– I found plenty of positive feedback and recommendations for Verkkologistiikka on online discussion forums even before sending the invitation. Verkkologistiikka’s answer to my invitation for bids stood out thanks to its clarity.

Perfect score for delivery and customer service quality

Outsourcing their logistics saw Everyday Design’s shipment volumes quadruple during the first two quarters of our cooperation.

– Verkkologistiikka adjusted perfectly to our growth and our delivery reliability has remained excellent throughout. Every time an order is placed before 2 PM on work days, it has been successfully shipped the same day.

According to Sorri, Everyday Design’s customers have also appreciated the fast and reliable deliveries.

– Customers seem to have a high bar for leaving feedback, but even so we continuously receive praise for our logistics. It’s excellent that customers feel the need to say it aloud!

Everyday design’s team themselves have been delighted by how smoothly the cooperation has gone.

– We’ve received professional and personalized service from Verkkologistiikka all the way through. Whenever problems have arisen, they have been open and sorry about them, corrected the issue and never repeated it. All in all, Verkkologistiikka’s margin of error has been miniscule.

Is outsourcing your logistics worth it?

Sorri has recommended outsourcing logistics to some of her entrepreneur colleagues as well.

– It might not be the best solution for everyone, but I do recommend giving it a thought. I myself figured than since I’m not an expert in logistics, why should I try to become one instead of focusing on sales and marketing. Let the cobbler stick to his last, says Sorri.

She also points out how the cost outsourcing logistics may be cheaper than expected.

– We could have of course hired someone to do our packing, but I calculated that our total logistics costs wouldn’t have changed much whether we handled things ourselves or outsourced. Unlike Verkkologistiikka, however, we ourselves would not be able to negotiate with delivery companies about competitive shipping prices.

Sorri considers one thing more important than anything.

– When outsourcing your logistics, it is of utmost importance to find to correct partner. You should ask around for experiences and recommendations. Verkkologistiikka has definitely earned my recommendation – they do excellent work and are easy to communicate with.

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